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What Our Pooches are Saying

“Since week 6 old, my boy Maximus has  been on a RAW diet. His coats shines, its soft, odorless, shiny  and slick.

His teeth gleam white from the gnawing of flat ribs bones and occasional turkey neck or trotter. I can’t tell you how many people see my boy and comment how great he looks or how muscled and clean his form is..it’s all raw.. you get what you pay for when it comes to quality.. think this commercial kibble lasts months..raw days..which would you want to feed your best bud or fur baby..

At first I was scared.. raw meat = contamination or bloat or both.. Alina and Attila assured me it was safe..just skip a meal or 2 then bang raw… I was skeptical, no fearful I’d be bringing a puppy into emerge with a knot in his belly or chronic diarrhea.. so wrong..

Your baby deserves the best, good quality human grade food balanced for the needs of a canine.. I’d never second guess it again.. nor should anyone..”

Joseph G.

Our greyhound, Maizie has been fed raw from The Hungry Pooch for almost a year. Her teeth sparkle and her coat is soft. So glad I found them. Thank you!

Gundi B.

After having two of our dogs with non stop stomach problems for a while and after spending a small fortune on specialty kibble we were getting no where, so we thought we would try raw and since switching to The Hungry Pooch all there stomach problems have completely disappeared, not only that there coats are shiny, soft and dandruff free, we have two black greyhounds and we are constantly being complimented on how healthy and shiny looking they are.

Another awesome feature is the poop lol, there poop is so small and firm and rarely smells and the Greyhound fog we were dealing with on a daily basis has also completely gone and that alone is worth it lol ? we also found that the cost is very comparable to the high end kibble we were buying.

We highly recommend raw feeding and we highly recommend The Hungry Pooch.

Clinton R.

The Hungry Pooch has made raw feeding my 8 year old GSD so much easier! Their wide variety of high quality raw selections are freezer ready and easy to serve.  I am very impressed with their knowledge of natural canine nutrition and always pleased with their recommendations to keep my precious pooch healthy and happy!  – Terri M

Terri M.

“I have been buying my dogs food from Alina & Attila for a few years now and couldn’t be more happier with the changes we have seen. Both of our dogs are rescues which left a lot of their past unknown. Our Boxer mix had so much trouble with bagged and canned food. We were at the vet with him every other month. We finally decided to give raw a chance! We now only see the vet for a check up and his shots. So when we adopted our Shepherd how could we not give her the best too! Alina and Attila are always helpful, knowledgable and friendly. Orders are always correct and timely delivered (amazing).

How could I ever go back!?

Amanda, Jay, Oliver, Dash & Holly

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