Vita Nutrition – Fermented Veggies


Unpasteurized, unfrozen, ready to serve Fermented Veggies!

  • Maintaining a good digestive health
  • Preventing dental tartar and maintaining a good oral hygiene
  • Nutrients absorption and recovery
  • Made in Canada

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They are much easier to digest than fresh vegetables. The fermentation process not only produces probiotics, but also produces vitamins and enzymes!

Whole food is better than synthetic supplement because it is already active and more likely to survive the stomach and colonize the intestines with good bacterias.


Fermented veggies are not only for dogs with digestive issues, any dog can benefit from fermented food on a daily basis. It can help with leaky gut, diabetes, gum diseases, dermatitis, yeast infections, post-surgical infections, and reinforce the immune system!

Simple Ingredients

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500ml, 1L


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