TREK – Dehydrated Turkey & Beef


  • 100% Real Raw Diet
  • No Preservatives, Fillers, Grains, Soy, By-Products, Meat Meal, Synthetic Vitamins, or Mineral Supplements
  • Ontario Raised Turkey
  • Pasture Raised Beef
  • 100% Canadian Made
  • 500 grams = 4 lbs. of fresh raw
  • Complete meal – supplement with Thrive Herring Oil & Thrive Hemp Seed Oil for essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids

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1 Bag of Trek is equal to 4lb of fresh raw. 


Turkey (meat & bone), Beef Muscle Meat, Beef Organ Meat (liver, spleen), Organic Sweet Potato, Organic Pumpkin, Organic Kale, Organic Spinach, Organic Cranberries, Organic Blueberries, Kelp, Alfalfa, Spirulina.

Nutrition Facts
Please Visit Big Country Raw’s Website For Full Nutritional Breakdown: TREK
Additional Info

Feeding Instructions

  • To transition from raw to TREK simply mix 1/2 TREK into 1/2 of your dog’s current raw diet. Complete transition within 2-3 days. Most dogs do not require a transition, however we do recommend a trial period prior to travel
  • To prepare simply add 1/2 cup of warm water to every 1/2 cup of dry food. Mix well and allow to sit for 20-30 minutes. Refrigerate leftovers
  • TREK is a meat-based diet which will not fully hydrate as meat protein once contracted during the dehydration process will not fully expand again
  • Add 10ml Thrive Herring Oil or Thrive Hemp Seed Oil for ever 1/2 cup of TREK for essential fatty acid supplement
  • Remember to provide plenty of clean, fresh drinking water at all times

Food Portions

  • Feed 1/2 cup dry Trek per 25lbs of body weight
  • 1 cup of dry Trek is equal to approximately 1lb of raw food


TREK can be stored at room temperature. This product does not require refrigeration or freezing. Bag can be resealed to maximize freshness.


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