Naturawls Variety Packs – 24lb Bulk Boxes


Convenient 1/2lb and 1lb packs in the same box!

Canadian-made, Antibiotic and hormone free meats are made in Ontario.

Available in Basic and Premium protein packs. Click on an option or scroll down for more info.

Purchase this item and get 100-129 Points!
Purchase this item and get 100-129 Points!


Naturawls Variety Packs – 24lb Bulk Boxes are available in two options! Naturawls Variety Box is an easy solution to ensure protein rotation and perfect for multi-dog households.

Sizes: 24lb boxes – Breakdown: 24 x 1 lb packs

Naturawls Basic Variety Box:

  • Proteins Included: Chicken, Beef and Turkey

Naturawls Premium Variety Box

  • Proteins Included: Beef, Duck and Lamb

Supplementing for Naturawls Variety Packs – 24lb Bulk Boxes

We recommend adding omega-3 (oil, Green Lipped Mussel or Naturawls Pure Fish) and Kelp to optimize your pet’s dinner

Handling Guidelines

  • Keep food frozen until ready to use
  • Thaw in the refrigerator – food will be good for up to three days refrigerated
  • Wash all surfaces, utensils, serving spoons and bowls with hot soapy water after handling and feeding
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Choose a biologically appropriate diet and feed the wild inside.

We believe in providing a raw natural diet that supports optimal pet health.

There are many benefits to switching to a raw ancestral diet including: a healthier shiny coat, smaller, less frequent and less odorous stools, improved digestion, increased energy, cleaner teeth, improved hydration, improvement in allergy symptoms and the list goes on.

When you feed your pet Naturawls, you can be confident you are providing them with the best source of nutrition. Every bowl is formulated with specific, natural ingredients. They will thank you for making the switch.

Please Visit Naturawl’s Website For Full Nutritional Breakdown: Naturawls

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