Chicken and Vegetable Blend


We pack our Meat and Vegetable Blends full of nutritional ingredients, from farm-fresh meat and vegetables, omega 3 fish oil, and kelp. All of our meats are ALWAYS antibiotic and growth hormone free.

For dogs and cats of all life stages and all breeds

Only farm fresh, human grade materials

Antibiotic and growth hormone free

Excellent source of Omega 3’s and 6’s




80% triple ground chicken including bone, chicken muscle meat (including hearts); 10 % chicken livers; 10% vegetables consisting of: romaine lettuce, dandelion leaves, sweet potato, carrot, kale, collards; kelp, cold water, cold pressed fish oil, (18:12)

Nutrition Facts (per 8oz)

Calories 410

Moisture 70%

Fat 11%

Protein 16%

Fibre 2%

Additional Info

Muscle Meat & Bone 80%

Organ Meat 10%

Vegetables 10%

Please Visit Tollden Farm’s Website For Full Nutritional Breakdown:

Additional information


1lb (1/4lb patties), 3lb (1/4lb patties), 8lb (1/2lb patties)


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