Beef Organ Blend


A rich blend of beef organ meat. Perfect for DIY raw feeders, or dogs needing some extra organ meat in their diet.

Hormone & Antibiotic Free

Pasture Raised Beef

Supplemental Feeding Choice – feed in rotation with Big Country Dinner, Blends or Pure Formula’s.

Rich source of vitamins, minerals

Good for puppies to adult dogs

Great for fussy eaters

In stock (can be backordered)



Kidney, Liver, Spleen, Heart

25% heart

25% liver
25% kidney
25% spleen
Nutrition Facts (per 100g)

Calories 114

Moisture 76%

Fat 4%

Protein 19%

Fibre 0%

Additional Info

Organ Meat 100%

Supplemental Feeding Choice
Offer in rotation with raw meaty bones.
Recommended amount is 1/4 cup or 1/8 lb. per 1 lb. meat.
Please Visit BCR’s Website For Full Nutritional Breakdown:


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